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what is segment routing? how it helps in traffic engineering and link protection? in this course different concept and scenario of segment routing is practically implemented with cisco IOS XR 6.3.3.


  1. what is Segment Routing This is the first video of the segment routing course, and the first question that arises is what is segment routing? To better explain what segment routing is and how it works. It can be a good idea to compare how traffic is forwarded on the IP network, MPLS network, and also segment routing capable network.
  2. preparing segment routing laboratory In this video I will show how the laboratory is prepared for the “segment routing” course. “segment routing” scenarios can be implemented with ios-xe using the csr-100v virtual machine and also with ios-xr using the ios-xrv virtual machine. At best, it is recommended to use a mixture of ios-xr and ios-xe for practicing “segment routing”. But it is not the case for this course. In order not to change the focus from the concept to the configuration, and also because some features only support on ios-xr, In this course I will only use ios-xrv for most scenarios. So here I will show you how you can use ios-xrv to prepare your own laboratory.
  3. segment routing control plane and data plane process In this section I will talk about the “Segment Routing” mechanism, in other words Control-Plane and the Data-Plane Process.
  4. segment routing control-plane part2 In this section, I will add a few points about the control-plane in “segment routing”. ECMP or Load Balancing over equal-cost paths, using Explicit-null instead of Implicit-null for QoS application, how adj-SID is created in the NBMA and broadcast network and how to change the global range of the prefix-SID, are the topics that will be addressed in this section.
  5. segment routing protection Traffic engineering and Protection (fast reroute) are the main advantages of both MPLS and segment routing networks. but both features are simpler and more understandable and more automatic in segment routing network to implement compared to MPLS network. with traffic engineering, we control the path of incoming traffic at the edge of the network, which is the topic of the next videos. With Protection, if a link or node in the network fails, traffic are rerouted to another path in less than 50ms which is the Topic of this video and also the next video. In this Video the theory of protection is discussed and in the next video the implementation and troubleshooting is shown.
  6. segment routing protection implementation and troubleshooting In the last video, we discussed the concept and theory of segment routing protection, including link protection, node protection, SRLG protection, or a mixture of these in a given topology. This video shows how segment routing is implemented and how we can monitor and troubleshoot segment routing protection in exact the same topology.
  7. LDP and SR co-existence part1_migration from LDP to Segment Routing This is an advantage that our network data plane is MPLS as we can achieve many services like MPLS VPN, VPLS and MPLS traffic engineering, but there are many options for the control plane when data plane is MPLS like LDP, RSVP-TE and segment routing.
  8. LDP and Segment Routing Co-existence part2_LDP and SR interworking Where it happens that we use multiple control plane protocols on an MPLS network? One of its uses is the LDP to SR migration process that I discussed in the previous section. During the migration process from LDP to SR, it happens that both LDP and SR are active in all routers in the network within a certain period of time. In this video we will discuss the interworking between LDP and SR. By interworking, I mean that some routers support both LDP and SR, but others may only support LDP or SR. Interworking is how LDP and SR work together to route traffic from source to destination.
  9. segment routing traffic engineering_SRTE part1 This section is the beginning of traffic engineering in the segment routing network known as SRTE or “Segment Routing Traffic Engineering”.
  10. segment routing traffic engineering Part2_ SRTE Automatic Traffic Steering using BGP In this section we will learn how traffic steering works automatically in segment routing using BGP.
  11. segment routing traffic engineering dynamic path In the last section we mainly focused on explicit path capability of the segment routing traffic engineering, but path can be dynamically selected by routers themselves based on the lowest metric and taking into account any constraint, if any exist. Dynamic path traffic engineering in segment routing is the topic of this video.
  12. Segment Routing Traffic Engineering ODN In this section we will discuss another capability of traffic engineering in segment routing network called ODN or “segment routing on demand next hop”. This feature greatly reduces the number of policies that we have to write into each PE router.
  13. Segment Routing Multi Domain Segment routing multi domain is the discussion of this video which makes segment routing traffic engineering possible in multi domain networks. Also we will see how and why new PCE component (Path Computation Element) is used to calculate traffic engineering dynamic path instead of source PE routers.
  14. Segment Routing Multi Domain part2 In this section we will go over the details of the implementation and troubleshooting points over multi domain segment routing.
  15. Segment Routing Flex Algo What is Flexible Algorithm or Flex Algo? And specially, how it can be used in Segment Routing Traffic Engineering. We will answer the question in this video.
  16. Segment Routing ODN with Flex Algo Configuration In this section we will discuss the implementation details of Flex Algo.

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