• Network Automation and Service Orchestration using Cisco NSO

    Cisco NSO is software not only for network automation, but also for service orchestration. What is service orchestration? That is, if you want to implement a service like VPLS, MPLS VPN, Wireless, VLAN or other services in your network, we give network administrators the opportunity to simply specify the value of parameters without giving any commands or worrying about the vendor of the newtork device.

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  • YANG based Network Automation using NETCONF RESTCONF gNMI

    YANG-based network automation uses a YANG hierarchical data structure that is natively structured, and therefore provides the capability to programmatically configure and also monitor network devices. In other words, in YANG based network automation, we do not send CLI commands anymore but we update or read the data inside YANG data structure.

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  • CLI based Network Automation using Python Nornir

    Network Automation Tools help us to automate monitoring and configuration of network devices which can be useful especially in a large scale network environments. As a network engineer, I classify automation tools into two main categories. Those based on native Python programming language which bring mainly flexibility and those not based on Python which bring mainly simplicity. There are two categories of Python-based network automation tools. Those through which we send CLI commands to monitor and configure network devices and those that are based on the YANG data structure. The target of this course is to automate network devices based on CLI-based Python automation libraries.

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  • Ansible for Network Engineers

    Welcome to the video training of Ansible for network engineers, especially Cisco network engineers. In this course, we will first use ansible for monitoring and troubleshooting without going through installing and configuring Ansible. Then we will learn how to install and configure Ansible and use Cisco network modules to configure and also monitor cisco IOS XE devices.

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