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What is restconf in network automation? This is the question we will begin to answer in this section and demonstrate in the next few sections.

Restconf is another network automation method that allows us to monitor the configuration and statistics of network devices and . . .

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1. Compare NETCONF, RESTCONF and gNMI Preview
2. Compare XML JSON YAML Preview
3. YANG Data Model Fundamental Preview
4. What is NETCONF Protocol Preview
5. netconf get-config code example
6. NETCONF xpath Filter Code Example
7. NETCONF xpath filter example for get command
8. Netconf Subtree Filter Examples
9. Use xmltodict in Netconf
10. netconf edit-config Example
11. Jinja2 Template in netconf
12. What is RESTCONF in Network Automation
13. restconf wih postman
14. send restconf request with python request library
15. send restconf request with nornir plugin
16. http put vs. patch vs. post vs. delete in restconf protocol
17. edit config with yaml payload in restconf protocol
18. edit config janja2 template in restconf protocol
19. json based jinja2 configuration template example in restconf protocol
20. gRPC and gNMI in Network Automation
21. Arista gNMI Lab Preperation
22. gNMI get examples with gnmic
23. gnmic interactive mode
24. gnmi set examples with gnmic
25. gnmi streaming with subscribe command
26. python gnmi client to automate network devices
27. pygnmi to subscribe data and update the configuration
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