• Juniper Security Associate (JNCIA-SEC) (in Progress)

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  • Juniper Junos Associate version 22.1R1.10 (JNCIA-Junos)

    27 Lessonsin

    The Juniper Junos Associate course or JNCIA-Junos is a prerequisite for all other Juniper courses such as CCNA in Cisco courses. In this course we will learn how to work with all junier devices, i.e. Junos OS, especially through the CLI interface. We will also learn how to perform basic configurations like routing and troubleshooting in this course.

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  • Cisco FTD Design and Implementation

    29 Lessonsin

    Cisco FTD is a Cisco Next Generation Firewall and IPS solution for securing our network and applications. It includes many other security features that are introduced and implemented in this course.

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  • Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions

    31 Lessonsin

    How is the SDN network different from traditional network architecture? What are Cisco Solutions for SDN networks? What is a Cisco SDN Solution for WAN Networks? and most importantly, How is the Cisco SD-WAN architecture? These are the questions that will be answered in this section.

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    What is VXLAN? What is VXLAN EVPN? VXLAN technology is mostly used in the leaf and spine architecture and not in the traditional access aggregation network architecture. In VXLAN EVPN, as you may know, MAC addresses are advertised and learned between leaf switches via MP-BGP protocol, which make it possible to learn MAC addresses in the control plane. MP-BGP has some specific route types for the EVPN address family, which makes the VXLAN EVPN technology to work

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  • Segment Routing

    16 Lessonsin

    what is segment routing? To better explain what segment routing is and how it works. It can be a good idea to compare how traffic is forwarded on the IP network, MPLS network, and also segment routing capable network.

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  • Ansible for Network Engineers

    17 Lessonsin

    Welcome to the video training of Ansible for network engineers, especially Cisco network engineers. In this course, we will first use ansible for monitoring and troubleshooting without going through installing and configuring Ansible. Then we will learn how to install and configure Ansible and use Cisco network modules to configure and also monitor cisco IOS XE devices.

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